SecTest (Security Testing) is a hobbyist website setup to provide information security articles, examples, news and general guidance. All examples are working and tested at the time of writing.

This website does not condone any malicious or unauthorized entry to computer systems. All information on this website is to provide an insight into what threats are being exploited.

This website will not provide you information with:

  • Virus or malicious (malware) creation guides, information, downloads etc.
  • Information on how to exploit live systems (e.g. exploits for operational websites, links to compromised systems)
  • Anything that will intentionally damage or corrupt systems.
  • We will not provide any stolen information, passwords or data dumps of any kind.

What we will provide is the following information:

  • Information on the latest exploits and vulnerabilities.
  • Attack simulations and scenarios for you to try out.
  • Links to downloads, scripts and software – Windows and Linux.

You can easily setup test labs on your PC/Laptops that run Virtual Machines.

If you are wanting to try the articles on this website it is recommended to setup a VM, for example a target machine (e.g. Windows 10) and an attacking machine (Kali Linux).